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We can customize any picture and hand etch them onto stone that lasts forever.

Etching can have color added for more realistic representation.

Portrait your love ones and give them the portrait as present.
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   What StonePicture does?


We hand-etch your photo onto a black sheet of polished granite with unsurpassed artistic merit, detail and quality. Your creative imagination can at last become a reality!

Imagine your favorite photo transformed into a unique treasure, almost as special and loved as the person or pet in the picture. Each stone picture is individually crafted by an artist who work on your photograph, so each stone is one of a kind made just for you. You will be amazed at the fine workmanship and attention to detail the artists put into each stone picture, bringing your picture to life. View real customer orders.

The most unique gift to someone who is special, a memento of a special occasion, or a memorial to someone you love.


• Beautiful and Easy to display
• Adds elegance to any picture
• Lasts longer than paper pictures
• Will not fade, streak or spot like a picture
• Easily cleaned with mild soap and water



  Each stone picture is available in different shapes and sizes and comes with a display stand and a gift box. We accept special orders.

How Does It Work?
Simply click on place order on the main page to select the product you want and add it to shopping cart. After checking out the shopping cart, you will be asked to upload the photo if you have digital file of the photo. Otherwise, you can just send the photo to us by mail. We will review your photo, crop it to the shape let you preview the cropping. Then, each photo will receive individual attentions from one of our artists, who will carve the photo onto a sheet of black granite. The carving process usually takes one week to finish. After it is done, your stone-picture will be placed in a gift box and shipped to your address via DHL Express. It takes about 3 weeks to receive your order after we receive both the payment and the photo. >>more info


It is Hand Etching Arts!
A skilled artist uses a diamond tippend-etching tool to scratch the granite's polished surface and create a timeless portrait that is a true piece of art. Etchings can have color added for a more realistic representation. It usually takes one week to finish a stone picture. After it is done, you will be amazed by the vivid images on the natural stone.

Since the beginning of time, mankind has carved history in stone. In 21st century, the old fashion craftsmanship still produces the highest artistic values.



StonePicture also make stone sculptures per custom order. You provide us the pictures or miniature model of the sculpture and we custom carve the sculpture per your instructions.

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Please contact info@StonePicture.com if you are interested in our sculptures.

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